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Trademark Danker is a Ukrainian manufacturer of agricultural and filtration equipment of European quality. Our products are our own developments that have no analogues in the world.
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Our production

We develop, manufacture and implement specialized filtration equipment for production needs. Among our clients are food or pharmacological factories, and also oil refineries. All equipment is developed by our technologists on the basis of 12 years of experience and have no analogues in the world market..

Not a single return for 12 years of work.

The equipment is developed taking into account the technical operating conditions. You get a 100% workable and productive solution to optimize and automate your production!

Own production
All our equipment is manufactured on our own machines. We guarantee quality of every part produced
Without peer
Danker equipment is fully developed by our production engineers
Quality assurance
All equipment units are made in own production capacities with QD verification
Equipment development according to your technical characteristics
We will develop equipment for your production according to ready-made drawings and will implement customized solutions.
  • Free analysis of your raw materials in our laboratory
  • We offer 18 months warranty on any of our designs
  • After-sales service
  • Inspection by the Quality control department of all units and assemblies
New opportunities for your business

In any development, the main goal is the result, 100% satisfying the needs of the customer:

Profitability – minimization of consumption of resources and labor costs for service

Durability – lack of weaknesses in the design and use

High performance and final product quality

Install Danker to help you:
Cut direct labor costs by 6+ times
Increase production capacity by 2-3 times
Cut business costs and increase profits
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