Pumping station for thick food

Pumping stations are designed for pumping food liquids, such as vegetable oils, syrups, brines, wines, dairy products, on an industrial scale.

From 200$

Oil pump

The main purpose of this pumping equipment is to pump the working mass. In the case of food production, various food products are pumped, for example: vegetable oil, syrups, dairy products, dough and the like.

Capacity: From 0.1 to 50.000 l/h (according to the customer's Technical Design Assignment)v
Working distance: Up to 500 m
Working pressure: Up to 16 atm
Vacuum suction head: Up to 5 m (depending on capacity)
Pumping oils: Oil mineral and synthetic, vegetable and animal origin oils
Operating personnel: 1 person
Overall dimensions: Depending on the capacity, according to the customer's Technical Design Assignment
Manufacturer warranty: 18 months

Features of the Danker Pump

The pumping station Danker is designed for pumping various viscous liquids of different etymologies.
The pumping stations manufactured by Danker have an increased capacity and performance life. They are used for pumping viscous liquids regardless of their origin, in particular, various fuels and lubricants, syrups, brines, etc…

Danker company constantly develops new models and upgrades existing pumping stations.

Automation of production:
– Developed by the European company Danker
– Productivity according to customer specifications (from 100 to 10,000 liters per hour)
– Various mounting options according to the customer specifications
– Operation in an autonomous non-stop mode
– Operation staff number is one person
– Automatic control of work process, raw material pressure and temperature
– Automatic raw material loading and unloading system
– Minimum number of necessary mounting and installation dimensions
– Maximum complete delivery and readiness for connection
– Minimum scope of startup and adjustment works

Technological advantages:
– Own production; modern professional manufacturing equipment
– Experienced specialists
– We use only quality materials and components
– Production complies with modern standards, technologies and regulation documents
– High work organization level, discipline and cleanliness at work
– Strict quality control

20% discount for all produced equipment when buying Danker oils (motor, industrial, transmission).

Danker means quality standard.

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The development takes into account

Equipping with remote control
From 100 liters up to 10 tons per hour
Onto the final product
Following strict GOST standards
Development is carried out taking into account sanitary norms and standards
The lowest energy consumption
We use high-quality metal and other raw materials

Advantages to order the development of a pumping station from us

We will develop equipment for your production according to ready-made drawings and implement customized solutions.

  • We will analyze your raw materials in our laboratory for free
  • Warranty period for any design is 18 months
  • After-sales service
  • Inspection of each unit by the quality control department
  • Production systems are sold from a Ukrainian manufacturer at the lowest prices

Completed projects

Насосная станция для растительного масла
Насосная станция для растительного масла
  • 12 тыс.кг/час
  • Днепропетровск, Украина
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