Filters for recycled process water

Recycled industrial water filters are designed to clean recycled process water from mechanical impurities

New generation ASCS (automatic self-cleaning system) filters

Specialists of our company develop and produce industrial filters for cleaning various fluids.

Capacity: From 0.1 to 50.000 liters/hour (according to the customer's Technical Design Assignment)
Voltage: 3-phase; 380 V or 1-phase; 220 V
Filtration material: Woven stainless steel mesh
Filtering degree: 50 - 1000 µm
Mounting connections: Flange, thread, welding
Working principle: self-cleaning filter with backflow flushing
Operating personnel: 1 person
Overall dimensions: Depending on the capacity, according to the customer's Technical Design Assignment
Manufacturer warranty: 18 months

Self-cleaning filters

“Self-cleaning filters are the newest development from the company Danker together with its foreign partners. When developing these filters, we took into account our many years of experience, modern filtering technologies and the wishes of our customers.
Filter elements are developed by our specialists on the basis of modern technologies and are manufactured using innovative technologies. The filter design creates a large filtration surface combined with their mechanical strength and provides a long working life.
Filters can be equipped with a mechanical or automatic cleaning system with contamination controllers installed on them. The self-cleaning system prevents clogging of filter material and allows free flow of a fresh stream of filtered fluid; this greatly increases the working life of filters, providing excellent filtration quality without reducing the flow of filtered fluid. A continuous filtration process and high quality cleaning of the filtered fluid in the normal operation of the filter are ensured.

Danker filters work offline, because the electronic automatic control system monitors the operation of the entire filtering system as a whole. Danker filters will radically change your views on the filtering process. There is no need to stop the production process for washing a filter; this in turn saves you from accumulating dirt in the course of production and saves your working time.
There are vertical and horizontal filter designs available, as well as various installation options taking into account production cycles and rooms. Danker filters are used in various industries (food, metallurgy, chemical, agriculture) for cleaning various fluids from mechanical impurities at different stages of the process.

The equipment is completely ready for connection to pipelines.
Danker filters are reusable and do not require replacement.

Automation of production:
– Developed by the European company Danker
– Productivity according to customer specifications (from 100 to 10,000 liters per hour)
– Various mounting options according to the customer specifications
– Operation in an autonomous non-stop mode
– Operation staff number is one person
– Automatic control of work process, raw material pressure and temperature
– Automatic raw material loading and unloading system
– Minimum number of necessary mounting and installation dimensions
– Maximum complete delivery and readiness for connection
– Minimum scope of startup and adjustment works

Technological advantages:
– Own production; modern professional manufacturing equipment
– Experienced specialists
– We use only quality materials and components
– Production complies with modern standards, technologies and regulation documents
– High work organization level, discipline and cleanliness at work
– Strict quality control

20% discount for all produced equipment when buying Danker oils (motor, industrial, transmission).

Danker means quality standard.

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Features and Benefits of Danker Filters

from 100 liters up to 10 tons per hour
Lowest energy consumption
Following strict GOST standards
Development is carried out taking into account sanitary norms and standards

Advantages of ordering recycled process water filter with us

We will develop equipment for your production according to ready-made drawings, we will implement atypical solutions.

  • Own equipment line
  • Result as soon as possible
  • Inspection by the technical control department
  • Works at the lowest prices of the Ukrainian manufacturer
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